About This Poem: How a devotee feels towards his beloved Lord is something that cannot be put into words. No matter what happens, a true devotee doesn’t lose faith in his beloved. Life’s trials only test his devotion. This is my humble attempt to put into words the attitude of a true devotee.


O, My Beloved!

Love me, love me not!

Have me, have me not!

Grace me, grace me not!


I’ll be the same for eons and eons.


Walk with me, walk with me not!

Dance with me, dance with me not!

Get lost with me, get lost with me not!


I’ll always be your partner—you’ll feel incomplete without me.


Hold me in your arms, hold me not!

Let me lie in your lap, let me not!

Carry me in your heart, carry me not!


I’ll always keep my heart at your feet,

Even if you don’t look.


Live with me, live with me not!

Die with me, die with me not!

Incarnate with me, incarnate with me not!


I’ll be the same for you, O My Beloved!,


A pilgrim of the heart!

Image Credit: Getty Images.

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