Yesterday, suddenly my inner voice instructed me to take a vow to observe silence for a day. So, today (22 Feb, 2021) I was in silence 🤐 for the whole day. In the morning, I informed my family members about the same.

I thought I can share my observations and experiences at this platform at the end of the day to all the beautiful souls. I want to be as honest as possible.

Experiences and observations:

1. The entire day was filled with guided Black lotus meditation, walk in nature, mindful meals in silence, yoga and reading.

2. External Silence, I could maintain, inspite of the fact, that I was living with family and not in isolation. But I did use sign language for a few times to communicate.

3. I was  aware of  thoughts, breathing and actions, but not all the time. Inner silence of the mind was challenging. I was struggling with thoughts.

4. Silent mental chanting was going on throughout the day and had avoided maximum external stimuli.

5. There were moments, particularly by the end of the day, when I had urge to break the silence, so I started reading a book.

In my experience, Silence can be powerful as you become the observer. Being silent doesn’t mean your mind is quiet. This will come with practice and mindfulness.

Thanks for reading and please share your experiences too.

Koti Koti Pranam Om Swamiji, thank you for your grace and blessings.

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