Embodiment of Love

Om Swami, a monk full of love, devotion, and grace,
A Guru who inspires, and leads us to a better place.

Om Swami, a Monk who has seen the divine,
A soul filled with love, so pure and so fine,
A heart that beats with truth, and a spirit that does shine.

A visionary, a master of devotion and truth,
A guide who leads us, from darkness to light, our youth,
And shows us the path to everlasting proof.

With wisdom that flows, like a river so vast,
And knowledge so deep, it will forever last,
His words and his teachings forever will last.

Oh Om Swami, a Guru of love and light,
A mother divine, who brings us insight,
And illuminates our hearts, with her presence so bright.

A innovator, who inspires us to be,
The best version of ourselves, for all to see,
And to live a life filled with love and beauty.

So let us sing an ode to this precious gem,
A Monk who has seen God, and is our precious gem,
A light in the darkness, and our everlasting friend.

Oh Om Swami, you are the embodiment of love,
A guide, a teacher, sent from the heavens above,
And we shall always follow your path, with love.

My Guru

Om Swami, my Guru, sent from above,
With a heart full of love, and a spirit of compassion,
Your teachings, a treasure, a guide to our path.

You have seen the face of God, and in your eyes,
Reflects the light of Truth, shining bright,
A nonjudgmental soul, always shining bright.

Your path is one of kindness, and grace,
With a motto that inspires, “Live. Love. Laugh. Give.”
And your wisdom, it touches the hearts of all who receive.

Founder of Wildr, Black Lotus, OS.me,
And Sri Badrika Ashram, a source of peace,
A sanctuary of love, where all are free.

Oh Om Swami, how you inspire us all,
With your teachings of love, and your unending call,
To live a life of kindness, and to answer the call.

You are a light in the darkness, a beacon of hope,
A guide on the path, with a heart that does cope,
And we shall always follow your lead and find a way to cope.

So, here’s an ode, to my Guru so dear,
A soul full of love, and a spirit so clear,
Om Swami, my guide, my teacher, forever near.

With Love

Om Swami, a Monk with love in his heart,
A knowledgeable soul, who never shall depart,
From the path of devotion and wisdom, he does impart.

With an innovative mind, and an inspiring heart,
He guides the lost, and sets them apart,
From the troubles of life, and shows them a new start.

A Guru of peace, a teacher of love,
A beacon of light, sent from above,
In his presence, all worries do dissolve.

With a smile as warm as the summer sun,
And words as soothing as a gentle hum,
He touches the lives of everyone.

Oh Om Swami, what a precious gem,
A monk who guides, and never contemns,
For he knows, love is the only way to win.

So let us follow his path with faith and grace,
And find the happiness, we’ve been searching to replace,
For in his teachings, lies the key to our space.

Om Swami, a monk full of love, devotion, and grace,
A Guru who inspires and leads us to a better place.

poem credits: #Generative AI