Q1. What does offering to God mean?

A1. It means to leave the feeling of belongingness.

Explanation- When we say ‘I offer this to you O God!’, we are actually detaching ourselves from the feeling of associating with that person, place or thing and in our feeling we give it back to God who is the original Master of everything and everyone.

Q2. After we have offered everything to God, can it happen that due to old samskaras one can do deeds which are prohibited?

A2. No, it cannot happen

Explanation- When someone has actually offered everything to Bhagwaan, it signifies that they have even offered their old samskaras, and one can offer old samskaras to Bhagwaan only after one has won over them.

Q3. Can someone mistakenly breed pride of having surrendered everything to Bhagwaan?

A3. No it cannot happen. If there is ego about surrendering everything to Bhagwaan that means the surrender is not complete. 

Explanation- Where is the scope of having pride about having surrendered everything to Bhagwaan when in the first place, out of your own ignorance you had assumed persons, things and places to be your own when actually they never did belong to you but Bhagwaan. 

Q4. Does offering one’s everything to Bhagwaan means one’s bad traits will also get offered along with the good traits like on how after selling a piece of land all the pests and insects go along with the land?

A4. Anything that goes in fire becomes fire. 

Explanation- Krishna said in Gita, “this way by offering all your karma to me you will be freed from karmic bondages and results of auspicious and inauspicious deeds.”

Interestingly, here bad traits(like being angry) differs from bad deeds(like being abusive when angry). Here we are talking that faults of a person will get nullified when he surrenders to Bhagwaan but as mentioned in question 2, no one can do bad deeds after completely surrendering to Bhagwaan. That is why complete surrender is so difficult. 

Also, this can mean that past results of good and bad actions will not affect the consciousness of a person who has absolutely surrendered to Bhagwaan. It will not affect him.

I hope you could understand these QnAs


  • I have a Gita Press Book called “Prashn-Uttar Mani Mala” by Swami Ramsukhdas. This post is an English translations of a few questions and answers from this book with my own explanations.
  • I am not an expert of spiritual understandings, so if anyone of you finds a logical error or have and argument to put, please do write in the comments.