Roses are red , Sky is blue 

Oh my lord , I love you .

You sprinkle your love everywhere in the world , without any condition .

You gave us blessings , your gave us life ,

You gave us power, you gave us Pride.

You are so pure , we are some dirty

Shower your life and make us healthy

 You are so good, you are so vise

You are so creative you are my pride

You are my priority you are my securities

Without you my lord I have no identity.

Make me yours , I need your shelter

You are that key which makes me a Saadak.

Oh my lord! Oh my lord!

Give me your blessings and make me pure .

A poem for my lord , A poem for my Guru

A poem with my heart, not any edit for my SADGURU .

Hope you will like it. Give me feedback . Should I write more ??… 

With great respect 🙏🏻

God bless everyone

Luv Sarpal