Oh Narayana My Narayana
You are beyond sagun and nirgun
You are beyond birth and death
You are beyond maya and prakriti
for you are the Ultimate Shakti
Many a time you incarnate among us
to annihilate the wrongdoers
and save the virtuous
You came as Rama
You came as Krishna
It was you who resided in Christ Jesus
and it was the same you
who guided  Prophet Muhammad
All religions lead to you
as you are our the origin,
the destination,
and the Ultimate Reality 
Elevate me to
Oneness with thee
and destroy this duality
for you are the Creator
you are the Destroyer
you are the Preserver
Oh my Lord Almighty 
You are the Shiva
You are the Bramha
You are the Visnu
for you are
The Eternal Reality
Aum Namo Narayana🙏🙏

By The Spiritual Omnist

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