I have thoroughly enjoyed making these beautiful quote posters if I may say so. There are many more to share, and many more which I missed. Different phrases will speak different things to so many people. I would be grateful to each one of you for sharing your most closed quotations with me. I would like to learn what speaks to you. 

A Guru is the light that guides us. Just like a lamp which illuminates only the area close to where we are standing, such is a Guru. We should never assume that the Guru doesn’t see beyond the darkness ahead. When the lamp moves, the darkness disappears. 

From childhood we are taught to pray to Goddess Saraswati. She holds the results of our examination sheets. She is The Most Revered. My obeisances at the feet of our Divine Mother. 

Swamiji has a big heart. He knows that we are flawed. Despite that, He cherishes us, blesses us, and guides us. 

🌹Hari Om🌹