Many of my friends have a Guru in life, a permanent Guru, who guides then in the course of their lives and these friends also have absolute trust in their Guru; a life long relationship. Myself coming from a religious family have often had someone as my Guru, but none as permanent. My first Guru was my father and I followed him simply by imbibing his qualities of soft nature, simplicity, honesty, belief in God and a rational approch. After him, time to time I had some or the other Guru in my life, though I won’t name them here. They all had something unique to give, something to teach. But no permanent Guru in my life. Sometimes I used to envy my friends who have a Guru lifelong, while I myself don’t have one. I was puzzled always as to whether I lack something, whether I am abnormal or I lack something in life because of this.

The answer came in Om Swami’s book ‘A million thoughts’ in which he demystifies the notions about Guru. My confusion was completely gone by reading in his book that after all a Guru is also human being, separate Guru’s teachings from the Guru as a person and don’t follow anyone blindly. This removed my long lurking doubt and now I feel perfectly at peace.

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