I think to myself
on a quiet October night
do we really have to snub life
can small joys not be enough
can we not turn away from
that which brings us pain

Do we have to think that which we do
is a heavy heart of any use
let me throw in a few
mundane ones in here
why is the night dark
and the day so bright that it burns

Why are some people happier
and some falling to shreds
what is joy
why does it elude so many
why the world’s population growing
when they’ll most certainly die one day

‘God really loves you’
is it really true
or just a quote grown famous
have we ever confessed
how secretly vain
and shallow we are

Is there a secret mantra
that can turn our life around
maybe there is
and maybe there isn’t
there’s only one way of knowing
it is to find out for ourselves

So, maybe let the night settle in
a little deeper
snug in the arms of stupor
and with the mind’s eye
speak to the unknown
say a silent prayer

To the One who never sleeps
never wakes never dreams
the omnipotent Lord
ever present ever pulsating
in the heart of every atom
and the being of every being

He’s the one mighty answer
primordial unborn
realising Him alone
will silence the questions
then alone no one shall burn
or be bruised

What a beautiful world it is
with such capacity to grow
to turn our minds
into peaceful meadows
and our heart in to a salve
a slave of the lotus eyed Lord

Amazing isn’t it
how the same mind can ponder
on a million trivial things
and the same mind can conjure
a most resplendent image
of the ever smiling God

now, you tell me what is real and what isn’t…

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