Three events shook my conscience in recent times that prompted me to write this post.

1. When I was driving my 6 year nephew along beach road, he pointed and asked what were huge colorful things on side of beach. Well, they were polythene bags dumped by tourists that accumulated in corner or would get into ocean spoiling life inside water.

(2) Second was my Washerman stating he can’t get my clothes washed in time as stream where they wash has dried up.

(3) Today I saw an animal eating plastic cover on streets. Probably there must be leftover food in plastic bag & it has no way to open it ,hence devoured it completely. As someone who regales feeding animals, it’s hurting to imagine animals eating plastic.

I really feel, we should take little extra effort & throw all left overs separately. Or we can wrap all leftover food in biodegradable papers . So that animals don’t need to eat polythene. I remember reading an article where tons of plastic deposits were found in dead whale stomach. Terrible!

One earth 1

I believe human is just one part of Earth ,Not the dominant of species. He may mistakenly & even arrogantly think he sits at top of food chain but he is also part of Nature & has important role in protecting nature for his own survival. Nature is delicate balance where even tiny ant & mountains are as important as human. Like Butterfly effect states , flap of butterfly wings in one end of Earth can trigger rains in other end. We are all interconnected & interdependent on all animate & inanimate. Hurting one, exploiting other, extinction of something else is bound to come back to us in one way or other. We have 100% responsibility in preserving & protecting waters, mountains, trees & animals. For our own sake & survival. 

While applauding Elon musk efforts to push scientific barriers & colonize Mars planet in future , why not make our own planet more breathable, positive , vibrant, green & beautiful. Osho in some discourse says “we all are visitors to this planet, let’s keep it clean & make it better place when we leave than when we arrived”

One earth 2

When my nephew questioned why so many polythene are dumped I wonder what kind of world are we leaving for next generation? When my washerman spoke on dried rivers, I  feared what tomorrow will bring, know issue of climate change is in periphery and would hit urban life.

I believe Nature needs more care . The scorching summers, scant rains, unseasonal cyclones, earth quakes, diversion of water flow, big dams, drying up of perennial rivers, tons of plastic & poisonous waste being pumped into air&water , receding forest cover, falling aquifer, dry clouds, rapid urbanisation etc….all resulting because of human greed for wealth or over population or other reason which I have no clue about. 

One earth 3

As a millennial ,  for me rain meant 3 days non stop downpour, now few hours rain itself is gift. Well, I am no big environmentalist to initiate change in world. But least I can do is be ecologically sensitive, reduce my own carbon footprint, be nature friendly, carry my own bag (& keep spare bags in vehicles), install solar panels, create more awareness on sustainable development and set up example to my own family or inspire my juniors n friends etc

Like Osho said, we all are guests on this planet. Leave it better place when we exit than when we came in. Human advancements cannot beat Natures fury. 

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