As swamiji explained in one blog post that to form habit we should do it for around 45 days regularly,keeping this in mind, I have decided to take this challenge for one year. Ideal outcome is I’d have formed some new habits and dropped unwanted ones by June 2021.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been wanting to wake up early and go to bed early,but working for European client ,living away from home in a metro and feeding my mind with TV shows every night has made my routine drastically different. Now I sleep around 2am and wake up around

Habit 1: Wake up at 7.30 am (max).

It’s easy to write about our conquests once we are already there but James Clear in his book Atomic Habits explains that when we announce things out loud or write them to people we are more likely to follow it through, This is why I wrote this post before even beginning the journey.

Mid month update: I’ve shifted to around 11 pm to 7 am routine from a horrific 2 to 10am before.

Now to the changes:

  1. ¬†Dinner timings shifted from “God knows when” to latest by 7pm.
  2. Resumed my running routine with social distancing ,the idea was to have some form of exercise.
  3. I discovered from the books that I’m a vata pitta type person so I don’t struggle with being active but winding down at end ¬†of day was struggle .Now I have created an oil massage routine in evening followed by hot water bath atleast once a week. This helps in soothing the vata and pitta balance subject to choice of oil.
  4. This is most important of all -I have a tendency to go overboard with changes at first due to excitement but give them up later altogether so even though there are 10 more changes I could have made and all of them sounded very appealing ,I allowed myself to make only those changes which I’ll consistently follow in long run.
  5. No overstimulation in evening -this one was harsh as I loved my evening sitcoms and thought the book authors are my arch enemies for taking it away from me,but after just 8-9 days of struggle with it I no longer crave them and have started falling asleep earlier.
  6. There is no magic wand and even now I am expecting that some days I’ll digress but I just want to get to that 85% solution.

All suggestions are personally verified by me and are based on following readings which I strongly recommend for anyone who is struggling with mild to strong insomnia.

1-Restful sleep by deepak Chopra. This one is just 2 hours audio on audible and quite useful.

2-Change your schedule change your life by Dr Suhas Shirsagar.

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