I love morning tea and it’s icing on the cake if I could get it on the bed. Many of us love this first tea of the day as it’s really a power booster for the entire day. While in a hotel I have to do a little to get a cup of hot tea; just move an inch and use the phone near my bed. After a great start to the day, I start enjoying more as the sun goes up in the sky. The facilities provided by that great hotel amaze me. I go for breakfast and enjoy the delicious course by chefs. I enjoy a sunbath and swimming of course. Every moment in this place is an unforgettable moment for me; it’s such a wonderful place on earth! When I need something I have to feel it only and the staff of the hotel is really wise to understand it. The service is amazing! They understand all my needs and provide me all the comfort and luxury I want from morning to late night, round the clock.

At sunset, I was preparing for the moment of dinner with precious wines, when my phone started ringing. I just received the call with all the bitter taste in my mouth. The lady on the other side apologized for the inconvenience she caused in the middle of my happy moments. I had a little talk and finished it in a hurry “Okay mom! Good night!” I enjoyed that evening with such sheer depth. This was my first experience in a five-star luxury hotel.

The next day I paid the remaining after my pre-booking amount; I’ve to swipe that little card only and it’s all done and moved to the next destination. While returning back, I was missing that place a lot. I wished I could be there to have all the fun again.

The journey was at its end now. While approaching the home in the early morning, the tea smell forced me to remember all those memories again. Yes! It’s something I can recall. It’s something I know! It’s my very own, I know it. Is it from that hotel? Yes, it seems like that. But it’s from the kitchen, my very own kitchen. The window is open spreading all those fragrances around. Mom is making that morning tea. Aha! I love morning tea!

“I knew it!” She pointed towards the kettle “that’s why I boiled two cups”. She was so happy to see me after a week of loneliness.

With the cup of tea in hand, I started telling her, what a wonderful place that was. How they served us. She interrupted and asked about breakfast and without waiting for my reply she said exactly what I was thinking. My favorite food! She is making something I was really thinking about. It’s wonderful, it’s something different today. Why everything is different today? I thought. It’s forcing me to recall things differently. It’s what I’m doing for many years. Is it the breakfast I had in that luxury palace? No! It’s best and I’m having it since my childhood. Isn’t it good? Mom asked as I was lost in my thoughts. I suddenly started eating hastily.

What joy I had here was really amazing! And I’m lucky enough to enjoy it from the day I first played and hit my father’s head with my ball. An angel is always around me to take care of, who knows everything before I think. My home is such a wonderful place but I never realized it before.

I left for my friend’s house after breakfast. It was time to do some calculations for my life. How much I paid that day in a five-star? I started multiplying to the days of my life simply! It’s not a linear calculation I know but as we do in solving physics problems I made many assumptions. The result was shocking to me. I have a debt of billions on my head. I never paid a single bill. I never smiled at my mother’s hard work. I never made her happy with my act. I cried out in tears! I must pay all my debt, I thought.  It’s such a huge amount. Do I have enough time to pay it back? I’ve to start now. I must pay all the debt to free myself from those worries.

That day passed with the joy unspeakable; with the thoughts of being grateful for what I have in my life.

At the dining table, we started to talk about my trip. I just talked about that moment “I never realized before, how good our home is…” when mom asked interrupting me in between “When are you planning your next trip?” My heart filled with joy which burst out “This is a million star home, Ma! Do I need to go in a five-star?”

She smiled!