The idea of sitting still and quieting the mind might be intimidating for some of us. It is because our brain is hardwired to do the multitask and move recklessly.

One minute meditation by Martin Boroson is beneficial for those who feel difficulties while practicing meditation. 

Martin Boroson is the founder of the One Moment Company, LLC, which provides meditation  and mindset training to large healthcare institutions and Fortune 500 companies, helping employees reduce stress and improve focus, safety, and resilience.  His creation One Moment Meditation is a radical approach to meditation training that helps people break down through the time barrier.

The logic behind One-Moment Meditation is that if we can learn to meditate in small fractions of time, then we’ll be able to bring this practice with us anywhere and tap into quiet, calm, and stillness wherever we may be.

It’s a really neat idea, and the cute animation doesn’t hurt either! So go on and play, and learn to meditate in a quick minute.

Watch Here.

Hope it will be beneficial,

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Jai Shri Hari

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