Basking in the much awaited afternoon sun and reading a few good articles in newspaper….. Aha!…..

Delhi’s first week of January can’t bring a better taste. The not so relishing taste of week long spell of foggy afternoons, with low temperature and no sun at all is forgotten.🤗

The two articles I read in the newspaper were thought provoking. One warns that “Joshimath  is sinking “.

And the other one  on  “Mental Health”  is a strong slap on us, the society as a whole.

They say that our himalayan region and mountains can’t bear the pressure of developmental projects, increasing tourists and unplanned construction . In 2022 it was more than double of the pre-pamdemic year. This seems to be a very logical point. Even a layman like me is convinced. So, what could be our contribution for the safety of Himalayan region??? To stop visiting hill stations??? To not have the darshan of popular religious destinations?? (Me, the poor soul, has never been to either of Kedarnath, Badrinath or Amarnath Dham).

Do share your opinions please.

The second article revolved around the recent suicide by a 20-21 years old TV actress. The sad part of story is not that society talks so losely about someone’s mental illness. The sad part is when the responsibility of suicide is not owned in a right manner. More painful is that the mother is holding her daughter’s boy friend responsible. A case of abetment to suicide is slapped on him. 

This, to my mind, is totally irrational. I have seen mental illness from very close quarters. Don’t want to touch the deep layers of this dreadly disease. But its painful to observe the self-centred approach of the mother of deceased TV actress. The poor boyfriend is now on the mercy of Law of land.

Such irrational judgement by the family of the girl who is no more available for any communication , would do more harm to other’s . As it is, mentally unwell patients are not accepted in social circles with open arms. Our own Samurai Biswa ji has already written a detailed post on it. Now, such selfish acts of families add more miseries and damage to their already isolated social lives.

Why people act so selfish, and how do they do so🤔🤔🤔 I wonder!!!

If the deceased is your daughter, the poor boyfriend also is someone’s son. His only fault is that he had the good heart to accept his girlfriend along with her anxieties, depression, aggressions and all that… And when he couldn’t handle it anymore, he might have asked for a closure. That can’t be a case of abetment to suicide.

Anyways, may the Law take its right course. That’s all one can hope for.

Friends, its not only that Joshimath is sinking, the whole of society is sinking. Reasons vary from geological to morals to…… YOU KNOW THEM ALL…