I wake up each day with your name on my tongue, singing your glories, while my eyes cries in your remembrance 

My lips smile in your memory, but my heart can see the pain behind,

My heart rejoices in worshiping you, where my soul sees the suffering I have felt deep within,

My soul loves you, sinks in your fond memories, where my body knows the aching distance I have walked so far,

My body dances to you tune, blood heats up with the divine tune of your song, each limb of mine cries to be with you,

My blood in frame of my being gushes in your love, for my every breath I take is gasping for your love,

My breath plays the rhythm and the master of rhythm is you,
You plays
You dance
Took me as you wish

Somedays you took pleasure to play with me, like a doll
Those moments of love and joy, touched my heart
Are dear to me.

Somedays you tossed me around like a baby smashing a toy on the floor
Those moments of hurt and pain, left me with a wound
Are deeply dear to me even more.

She take it all, be it pain or joy of pain as blessings from you
Oh Love, I ask you, what is your love
Don’t hide it from your beloved 
For she only lives to find and feel it through
Every pores of her, loves you unconditionally
For she asks nothing, just your love
Dear Love, stop playing with your love

It hurts her a lot, embrace her
Make her your darling
For she asks nothing, but your love.

For she walked so far, for you alone
Only things that run deep in her being Only words she have on her lips 

I love you more.

Jai Sri Hari 🌼


Neelam Om