I have always has categorized myself as ordinary , extremely ordinary ( you can imagine what thought did to my self esteem growing up ) , always  thought been mediocre and having a very ordinary life is enough so i accepted . There are times i hated myself for been ordinary i really was not a happy teenager i tell you , when i looked around i found everything was amazing so was everyone, but i still categorized me as average as ordinary , later a word came in to  my vocabulary it was ” extraordinary ” that word amazed me , i loved using the word too it made me feel all good inside i do not know why  , it still does . when  i grew proud of being ordinary and proud of being me no longer ashamed to be ordinary or average because i found wonderful loving and kind people  who was nothing but ordinary / average but the impact they had on me was extraordinary and it hit me being extraordinary is not impossible because everything or everyone who/which is considered extraordinary always has ordinary moments too and there are few very ordinary things or moments in our lives which later make it / them extraordinary  .

What i am trying to say is we are all ordinarily extraordinary , its all relative and trust me the impact you might have one someone just with your words and action might be extraordinary for them but really ordinary to you . so my dearest friends be Ordinary and be proud to be one , because you are very unique in your own “ Ordinary Way “. 

                                                                Love yourself