Have you ever had the flu or a cold? Maybe you would’ve noticed how we try to fight it off at the beginning, we take lots of fruit juices, citrusy concoctions, fresh air, menthol inhalation, some people even try to sweat it out, you name it, we try it all before the flu hits us in full swing! But then if we’re unlucky, and all these little remedies fail, the illness really settles in. We just give up, get weak and dwell in our own misery, on the road to recovery.

What has this got to do with os.me and life? In my opinion, it has everything to do with life. And os.me is the antidote to any downward spiral. I have been on os.me consistently for more than a year and would usually spend quite some time here, everyday. However, I haven’t had the time or chance to be as regular over the past month as life had its own other plans. Sounds pretty normal, right? 

Well, that’s what it looks like on the surface. Because it’s deep, bro! Let’s just say that no one is immune to negativity, but we all have the tools to overcome it. And while we have Swami and His teachings, we are also blessed with os.me, which I dare say is the 2021 antidote to negativity and misery.

os.me is our saviour.

It can boost anyone’s mental state, it can bring. positive change into our lives, and I myself found a few ways in which to overcome any challenge through this platform.

Here are a few lessons I learnt by not being too active and I am not exaggerating anything, it’s all from my first hand experience.

1.  os.me is the antidote to negativity.

Very often, our thoughts will gather momentum and before we know it, we have already gone down the spiral of negativity. That’s still okay, but do you know what’s worse? Well, our mind will make excuses and enjoy remaining in negativity. 

And os.me, my friends is the antidote to negativity. Now you may have written a few posts, commented here or there, once a week, and then stepped away because you still felt the same. It’s possible. But I can promise you that consistency is the antidote. Keep reading and hear me out.

2. Face the resistance and jump into positivity.

When we are so engrossed in our own minds, it takes some courage to face ourselves and take action.

I personally found that I had to take action and start being active on os.me again, whether time allowed it or now! Excuses would be many, but I would find such happiness within me the days on which I chose to either write a post or spread some positivity in the comments. It’s best thing we can do for yourself, a step towards our wellbeing. Have you been crying, complaining or just sad lately? Well, take action now! Start writing but most importantly, also reading some posts and commenting!

3. Writing posts isn’t enough! Comments are the happy pills.

On os.me, only writing or even reading posts doesn’t have as much impact as commenting. I think this is what makes this community so unique! Why do people like Facebook and Instagram? Because they get this sense of community and common purpose. And this can mostly be experienced here in our interactions! Often I struggle to keep up with comments, but I know that once I delve in, I will almost be flying!  The happiness levels you will experience from commenting on posts, with love, will surprise you.

4. Help others without wondering what’s in it for you!

When we are dwelling in negativity, we often don’t know what to do. Where do we start? Who do we talk to? What should we do?! Well I’ll tell you! Start here! One step at a time. Read a post, pick a short one if you want, read it and encourage that author. 

 Whether it helps them or not, I can promise you that it will help you feel happier. I know every comment I write makes me happier. I click on ‘post comment’ with a smile. Always! Try it, and check your happiness level.

5. Our happiness is literally a selfless comment away. Try it!

Swami opened os.me for us to express ourselves and write posts. It is amazing to read truths. But I feel that humans often expect others to treat them a certain way, without themselves sharing the same amount of love or even more love!  I noticed that os.me is all about give and take. We are all interconnected! Happiness isn’t a one person affair. Yes, happiness is within, but as Swami says (paraphrased):

“If you want to grow something, part with it! Give it to others. Whether that’s love, money, care, etc.” ~ Om Swami

Genuinely love others and they will love you back. Spread the love, part with the love, that’s the only way we can feel love! Now tell me, what’s your experience with regards to os.me and your happiness and negativity levels!:) 

P.S: I am forever grateful to everyone who takes the time to read and comment on my posts, and you know it. I am extremely slow with replying to the comments at the moment. My OCD doesn’t allow me to start replying unless I’m able to respond to everyone in one go, so I’m getting there, slowly but surely! Please keep commenting and allow me to flood your inbox at once!