Os.me. what is this? I thought in my mind. Then I asked my bua who was reading an article on Os.me.
What is this all about I said . The logo seems interesting. I joyfully told her that is this os.me
means "OM SWAMI YANI KI MEIN". I expressed my thought to her and she found it funny and laughed.
Then she introduced me with os.me community, Where people share their stories, life incidents and
inspire each other. Then she asked me do you want to share something and encouraged me to write
on os.me. This is how I got introduced with os.me. So, here's my first post. :)

P.S. Since it is my first story on os.me . I offer my heartfelt Pranam to SWAMI JI at your lotus feet.
Thank you

Editing Credit: Garvi Saini (my elder Sister)
Thank you to my Bua for introducing me with os.me and encouraging me to write.