I dedicate this win to the women who are undergoing some pain in life. It was not a competition for me, it was a women competing with her own self. She want to see how much merit she holds in herself. Winning and losing was never on my mind. After facing so many failures in life intellectually, professionally and spiritually. Blessed with so many talents in this being of God.. always worked hard and served with love and working hard means extremely hard..Facing failures one after the other. As life was adamant in thrashing my all efforts but each time I fail  I gather myself and rise in spirit but again I find failure kissing on my gentle heart.

And where for all the hard work I did, instead of being rewarded with appreciation I was thrown with treatment which is demeaning in a manner. And for my efforts, credit was enjoyed by others, leaving me feeling unappreciated and dejected. Certainly which hurts the efforts I put. My heart will get cushion inside and would not share it with anyone. Pity of this makes me feel bad for days. Where I worked with all my abilities and the best ways and the things I don’t even know, served the best results. But still, no appreciation was slapped on my face. I faced all with great spirit but somewhere in heart I felt dejected. I muster courage and move ahead. With faith in heart, I know God is with me. One day life will smile for me too.

So, while recovering from all the burns in life and going through lot of positive changes in my being with grace of beloved Swami ji. I could happily come out of this dark period of my life. We all go through some darkness, if we hold faith deep in heart, things will definitely change in life. This is the reason behind my participation in the challenge. I was not looking for the prize or the win. I want to win because I want to see how much merit is there in me. To encourage myself and instill belief in my own abilities. The challenge came at the right time and I participated to build my own self. That proved a blessing to me. Thank you os.me team for the challenge.

I would take this opportunity to extend special thanks to the os.me family for actively encouraging and appreciating each and every post of mine in the challenge. The positive comments have greatly helped me in bring out the best in me. And I would like to Thank Veer Saini, Dipali Patnaik and Majula P. Badiger for their kind appreciation. It has really infused confidence in me. Thank you so much.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


~Neelam Om