Day 2 world-

At 00.30 hr, we reached at Ahmadabad railway station.  Now, places and persons are going to change in this another world of day 2.
Scriptures describe four human goals.  Dharma, Arth, kama & Moksha.  Primary and ultimate goal is Moksha.  Rest three goals are secondary.

So even if we are at the peak of achievements in Dharma, Arth & Kama, it will not fulfill the purpose of our life.
For example,  our goal is to visit GIR forest to see the Lions(Primary goal at vyavaharic level). So although we are enjoying the ‘in between places/ points,’ we are constantly aware of our primary goal of reaching the forest.

In the same way, let any number of moments & events of joys and sorrows happen in the pursuit of the secondary goals in our life, we should not forget our real goal of moksha.

Enjoy the events….suffer the moments….but don’t get stagnant there.. everything will happen as a result (fruit) of our karmas. We have to move on….
So we also moved on from the day 1world in the railway compartment. 

Cab driver “Altaf” ( already confirmed by our tours and travel company) called me and told that he is ready to receive all just outside the railway station.
We all got in the cedan car (swift dezire) and entered in our new created world.
Till we reached the hotel, my observation cum inference was that the cab driver ( Altaf bhai) was from same domain of ‘talku.’ ( talkative/ badbada). But his subjects of speech were social and religious… not domestic. So I determined to be on hearing mode for next four days.

We were very much tired….still, the poet in me expressed ” The mother sleep pulled us all in her arms within minutes”. But my Advait mode declared, “we have given up the identification with our body, mind, intellect ( gross and subtle body), and with in few seconds, entered in the causal body to enjoy the negative bliss of the sushupti/ deep sleep state. 😴

Early morning we woke up.( This is like taking a rebirth to fulfill the desires,  created before the death, for the ignorant ones. Realised masters never take  rebirth because of his desirelessness).
We had a good breakfast😋.This is the most fascinating part of the travel I like. No zanzat of cooking, no war in deciding menues of breakfast, lunch,dinner like in our home. Just sit and eat. So this is the place I stay at zero complaint level.

After breakfast we moved forward to visit the statue of unity which was the outcome of majority voting system. At the time of planning a trip, we have decided to spend whole day in Ahmadabad for local sight seeing, shopping and eating street food there.
But today, all the three changed their mindsets. Their stand was- ‘ If we didn’t  go to the statue of unity, people will name us as foolish. Going to Gujarat and not visiting statue of unity???? Aren’t you mad?? Don’t you have any love for our country??? etc, etc….( This is the example of Lokvasana, one among the three. Subse bada Rog….Kya kahenge log?)
My take was, I like, love and respect Sardar vallabh bhai patelji & our country as well.  He and all deshbhaktas are always in my heart. I don’t need to see them elsewhere.
But then people demand external proof for internal truth.
  So under the influence of lokavasana, thinking their demand as ‘jayaj’ /authentic & logical, I dropped my weapons too early and followed them.
After reaching the destination,  all started taking snaps of statue from different different angles and views and  Selfies too.
I sat quietly looking at sardar Patelji…..he was smiling at me.
( why are you surprised??😲…..Don’t you talk with Lord Ganesha when He comes for ten days during Ganesh festival in your homes? Although idol or statue is jad/matter, it is a matter of faith.)
So we talked….I said,” let all admire your statue and  it’s tallness, but it is uncomparable with the real height of your devotion.” 🤗

Then time came to say goodbye to him….and we moved on.

After eating lunch, ( I haven’t said ‘ enjoying ‘😶) we started our journey back to Ahmadabad.
Altaf bhai( Driver) and my Husband were sitting on the front seats, continuously talking without pause, on different different topics. We three were sitting on back seats,  sleeping and hearing the front world in between. (Mind well- hearing and listening are not the same😎)

I got one important lesson cum positive tip from Altaf bhai. He used to say ” koi dikkat nahi” 🤗( no problem) repeatedly.

” We will take a break for tea”
                    “Koi dikkat nahi….rukenge,..”
“We will take snacks here….”
                     “Koi dikkat nahi..le lenge…”
“Tomorrow we will start for the GIR at 9am…”
                    “Koi dikkat nahi…jayenge….”
“Oh…! we would be late because of hotel breakfast schedule,  so will start at 10am…..”
                “Koi dikkat nahi….late jayenge….”

I have never seen such an enlightened driver up till now.🤭 ( Usually driver species are famous for harsh and complaining words)
So we also switched off our negative mode and tuned on positive mode…” koi dikkat nahi”. ( fikra not)

We get the things and beings in our life so as to exhaust our prarabdha which itself is the outcome of our past desires & actions.
One important concept in our scriptures is of reincarnation.  Until & unless you don’t have any debt relationship in your previous births, even fly or mosquito doesn’t sit on your body. पुर्वजन्मके ऋण यदि नही है, तो मक्खी भी हाथपर नही बैठती। 🙂 The persons who owe you in previous births, comes in this birth to give you & clear the debt. And those whom you owe in previous births, comes in this birth to take from you & clear the debt. This is the reason, people come & go in our life…some stays for long period,  some for short…. Just like bank is indifferent towards you once you clear the debt/ loan you took, one must not get affected by such happenings.
I observed many times, mosquitoes bite me a lot….not to my son. Ha…..ha…..but this is not a joke.😂
Let’s see tomorrow… what is waiting for us…..
Now, we are about to reach the hotel and this is the time to end the day 2 world.
Koi dikkat nahi….Kal mileage…….😊
           Hari Om !

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