Little did i know, that I would ever meet such a deep being. Having been to many satsangs and conducting few workshops as well, its very rare to see someone who listens to the truth being said without the veil of the filtering mind. This filter had been a great challenge to the vocabulary we use. This is an invisible filter and it often takes a day or two to get along with the little nuances of the filtering quality that each participant have. And we are offered with varied filters and on top of that, each filter had many layers as well. Its definitely a challenge to me, to pass on the truth via the filter because the deeper the truth, deeper the invisible filter. And the satsang pointers had no other pathway to touch the being but to pass through the filter. What a great imagined illusion is this filtering mind which actually imagines the truth instead of knowing the truth and being the truth.
Tao, was an exception. He was exceptional because he literally did not have the filter. He could listen, he could sit beside and he is so eager for the sessions to start. We dont see him so often outside the meditation hall. He had his own solitude. Yet he was always present in the meditation hall. He somehow knew the start of the sessions, though we dont send any invitation for the sessions. He comes running with full vigour, but slows down once he reaches his sitting place, usually he took his seat near the speakers, as far as i saw. The best part was, the posture that he takes.. Once a satsang starts, its a usual behaviour for many, to sit straight, keep the spine up or atleast, people tend to be acceptable socially. Tao did not have any such manners. He took his comfortable posture. Initially stretches back and forth, looks at all the participants, but once he takes his position, thats it… Its only him and the words uttered. Nothing else is he cared for. And the best part is, Once the pointers, which are meant to take one into his/her true being, are being uttered, he just slips into his true being without any filter. I could see that the filter was actually not invisible as with humans, but there was no filter in him at all. It would seem to others as if he is asleep. But no, he was deep in his silence. Meditations or satsangs get over with a soft bell from the Master, and this brings back Tao back to his being. He gets up, does two or three stretches and then leaves the hall quietly. Participants couldnt stop rubbing his head and playing with him. He was himself and all could relate with him so easily. He was open. He dint care if everybody looked at him through the filtering mind or not, his focus was to get into the meditation hall, meditate and leave… But he accepted everybodies love that they shared.. He left us with no option than to love him, as he was completely in his true being.
Tao, blessed are you, that you dont have a filtering mind. Love you Tao.
I would often tell my friend , if only i dont find a good listener in human species, i would choose the species of dog, the more humble and truthful ones to share my truths 😄… I see, thats a better option too 😄

Anybody wants to meet Tao, the listener? Please dont miss him… He is at “Satdharshan”, Palakkad along with many other quiet listeners. Yes there are many others wonderful beings too…

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