Temples…a place… glorious,humongous, spiritual,energetic,peaceful and hopeful..its the way you see it..
    There is God sitting inside..why is he there..does he needs protection??no right…thus its like he is there because we want him to be there for us..and yes he is there for us and everyone who seek his blessings..
       For him to be there doesn’t the temple need to be rightly and strongly built..aren’t these energy centres as we believers conclude them to be..then should they we well built and well maintained and looked after…?
The old and historic temples when you witness them in person…standing there looking at those huge strong structures aren’t you fascinated as to how where these built which are out of thoughts for the ideas for today..
       Those are masterpiece.
Now do you think we have a scientific as well spiritual connection with these temples..thus we value them to be priceless and be preserved right..?
Is it not ours??yes.
      Now when we connect ourselves with these energy centres where god is felt/experienced to be center of unmatched energy, is it not right that we have the same energy flowing within ourselves…?
     When it comes to us or me as an individual alone…doesn’t the same energy reside inside me..?
If yes then my body becomes a temple…right?
    Now we need to question ourselves
Am I maintaining my temple well…?
Is my temple strong built..? 
So well that my god is happy inside..?
         We knowingly or unknowingly are working on our temples everyday single day but most of it to the half..
We eat,we gain energy,we work,we rest…right?
we are half way there… I mean…we eat but do we eat right?
We work but do we work right?
We rest but do we rest right ?
Does this serve our temple to be strong enough for our god to happily stay inside and bless us..?

Have you ever wondered why are the gods as pictured are so well built.must there be a reason right…
why were people in the previous ages/eras/yugas were mentioned to be averaged high in longevity and strength..
    Our pranadevata ‘lord Hanuman’ was said to be once trained by ‘lord Shiva himself’ in yoga.

      Being fit and well built makes us strong…keeps us away from illness.. Makes us attractive…keeps us motivated..everything that happens on this journey keeps our temples fit does have an positive impact only..

The ‘God’ in you is your ‘soul’
The ‘temple’ of your god is your ‘body’.

  Make up your mind,
Work for it,

Your evolution must be a revolution.

your thoughts please…