Blog- thought(मन) कल्पवृक्ष
Our thought acts like kalpvirksh in our mind .You might be knowing that kalp vriksh gives you what you demand
When we emphasize on our thought, the situation related to our thought is attracted and we get the result accordingly and full fill the desire. If we think negative result will be negative otherwise positive. This has happened in my life .If you are driving your car 🚘 at 40 km per hour and think that any accident may happen , accident will happen definitely . The second  case is that if  you are driving at high speed and think no accident will take place , accident will not be there . Please try to think positive whatever may be the situation  . Basically , thought emits from mind  of brain faculty , Mind  is software and Brain is hardware . There are forty thousand thought are coming in mind in 24 hours. .Our thought is  so powerful that it comes in dream also and coverts into action what we feel in dream . 


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