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Do you really know that what is known as over confidence ?
Over confidence is in these three points:-

  • Placing too much faith in your knowledge
  • Believing that your contribution to a decision is more valuable than it actually is 
  • Over confidence pertain to how well people understand their own abilities and the limits of thier knowledge
    Let me tell you about it by a story of A child name Shyamu and his mother

Shyamu was a sixth standard student. He was really a bright child and always top in his class. In his final exams of his standard he got over confident as hi always get top in his class. For some days his mother ignored that he is not studying for his final exams, when the exams came near he learnt the subject only ones and got it finished off with learning. His mother told him time to time that he became over confidence, But he never heard to his mother. He gave his exam in over confidence of being getting topper of his class for many years. When the result came he got surprised that how did he got very less marks in his finals. That day he understood that he became over confident and came at back from the top.

Become confident but not over confident, If you will become over confident you will become like Shyamu in the story.

Jai Shree Krishna
Be healthy, wealthy and wise
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