“Aunty, please throw our ball back.” A kid requested me while I was on my morning walk.

I looked in that direction and saw three kids of almost same age peeping through the fence covered with climbers.

“Do you have any idea where it is?” I asked.

“Behind the cars in the parking!” “In the bushes near building pillars!” “In the grass growing adjacent to the fence!” Three kids pointed in three different directions. For the next fifteen minutes, I was searching the ball as per their directions but all in vain.

“Where did you saw the ball last time?” I inquired.

“There!” A kid stretched his hand towards the top of the fence.

“So there it is!” I pointed towards the ball as it was struck in the climbers and didn’t fall on the other side of fence.

While passing from that area during my daily walks, I had near about 15 times searched the ball and threw it back.

It was a little effort from my side to encourage children to play outdoors and to be away from mobile /video games addiction.

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