I am always scared of honeybee. But post swami ji’s narration of his honeybee incident, I am trying to be normal with them.

In Delhi we do not get to see honeybees. Now when I am shifted to mountains temporarily, Swami ji put me in a test I guess.

Once I was walking on my track and saw a bunch of honeybees in front of me collecting nectar from few flowers. I stopped but then told them, let me pass through you all. I do not have any intention to hurt you and I know your swami ji too. 🙂

In an instant that bunch moved to other direction and I walked away freely.

I felt like superman….oh I have got the power…and they did listen to me.

Now real test came.

It was Asthami pooja of this Navratri and I was fasting. Working on my laptop, I suddenly heard a strong buzz around my ears. At first I ignored thinking a fly must have entered the house and it will go.

But the buzz became stronger and stronger. Finally I got up and went in the direction from where the sound was coming.

What I saw was a honeybee, stuck in our glass window. Now this window has two doors, one with glass and another one with small net to avoid mosquitoes. She was stuck in between both the doors.

In order to save her, I will have to open the glass door but the problem was I can’t access the glass door until I open the net door. And if I open the net door there are bright chances she will enter the house and bite me immediately.

All this I thought and went back to my work telling the honeybee that you got yourself in trouble. Now look for the same space from where you entered to escape.

But again that buzz sound bothered me. I went again and saw her struggling. I felt bad for her but my fear was severe as I do not want more pain after all the incidents that happened with me recently.

So again I ignored and sat down with my laptop.

Then a thought crossed my mind, what if Devi is giving you an opportunity to save a life and you are missing on it. Also relocating pest is my highest scorer in BL app.   (spiders, small insects, earthworms all kind of creepy creatures I have learnt to save in mountains, except cockroaches and mosquitoes)

Now I was in dilemma what to do and how to save her.

I closed my daughter inside her room, took a big blanket to cover myself and one blanket to hold the honeybee incase she plans to enter house.

I then carefully opened the net door, just slightly enough that my hands can reach the bolt of glass door so that she can escape. She started buzzing more and flew towards the bolt only. Now I spoke to her saying I am trying to help you please cooperate and go down so that I can open the bolt.

In an instant she went down, I immediately unlocked the bolt and closed the net door. Luckily the contractor (white wash is going on) was on the other side of the door and I asked for his help to pull the glass door from outside carefully as a honeybee is stuck.

He did as requested and voila that honeybee was free. I felt awesome.

And while I was writing this post, a wasp entered, something I scare the most as it has bitten me in the past and it pains a lot. Another test. That blanket came handy, I got hold of her and sent her outside carefully in an instant.

And now I think I do not fear them anymore as I am sure they listen to us and understand our motive well.

Jai Sri Hari

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