Six months ago, I  had a baby boy and after delivery, my weight reached 83kgs, and my height is 5 feet 1 inch. I started hating myself. I didn’t feel like going outside because of my weight. I never thought I would grow so big in my life.

But now I have accepted myself the way I am. I also know why women become overweight after marriage, and men don’t put on so much (my husband looks the same even after 10 years of marriage.. Does his workout daily and maintains his six-pack). My cousin told me he looks like my son. I am happy that he is healthy and fit.

The first pregnancy gifted me 10 kgs of weight, and the second gifted me another 10 kgs. Thanks to both my kids 😊…. And I really don’t know how to lose it. If I lose it also I gain it back, thanks to my metabolism 

One year prior to my pregnancy, I had severe leg pain. The doctor said it’s osteoporosis. I said I am just 35yrs. The doctor said it can happen at any age.  I started with my calcium and vitamin D supplements. I know why this problem started for me at such an early age.

I was overweight by the age of 12 yrs, by eating all kinds of junk and healthy food. I was unhappy with the way people started calling me, giving me names. I started my diet at age of 12 yrs, by completely reducing the amount of food that I need to eat. Sometimes 1 to 2 rotis a day.

I lost weight. I was accepted by society, but it affected my health. I had difficulty sitting in the classroom. I sufered severe backache. Now I feel I would have been taller, my bones would have been in a much better state if I had eaten well at that age. Also, my metabolism would have been better.

I was looking for acceptance from whom that did I do all this which ruined my health. So stupid of me. All my life so many hours, so much energy I wasted on losing weight. I wish I invested this time and energy in something useful.

Wish I accepted the way I was at that age. Now I think about eating healthy and doing my daily exercise rather than concentrating on becoming thinner. I have no interest in making society accept  my size now. I also bought new clothes that fit me. Wish I did this before. I think I should be more worried about what kind of improvement is happening in my life rather than wasting my time in comparing myself with a movie star or my neighbour.

This eating healthy program which I started at home slowly changed my parents and grandparents’ lifestyle also. Their sugar levels came down. The amount of medicine they take is reducing. Which is a good sign. Thanks to Meera for getting me on this diet. 

Parents, please don’t allow your children to do any crash diets. If they want to lose weight tell them to play a sport. It’s the age for them to build their bones. Don’t be friends with your children when it comes to food (I did this mistake also with my first child). Make them eat healthy food. Don’t allow your kids to make the mistake I made. 

Thanks to Swamiji for allowing us to write about our real life. They  inspire us and are making us better as a person day by day