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On Being a Senior Citizen

Trials and Tribulations

Avatar of sundaram venkatesh
Art of Surrender

Journey - Love

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From Discontentment to Bliss

AN experience of losing bliss out to discontentment and how to win it back

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Where There Is Infinite Light – 2/5

A five-part story about philosophy, life, and other stuff. Oh yeah, and a samurai...

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The Heart Says ❤️

Listen to the stupid heart once in a while

Avatar of peace kindness
A Drop’s Journey and Ours.

Is it just a drop? Is it just a sip? Is it just food?

Avatar of komal r
My Acquaintance with Rudrabhishekam

Connect to The Divine Shiva

Avatar of rakesh om
Being Productive Unproductively

Are you guilty of this too?

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And The Bulbuls Sing

When nature wins....we win

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वो पानी तो मुल्तान गया…

A Fable of Sant Raidas and Kabirdas........

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Q&A with Swamiji – 26

A Revision of Swamiji's Teachings

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Mummy, Will You Die Too?

A conversation with my little one

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Did Your Grand Parents, Parents or You Have Qualified to Get Married?

Did the couple know how to handle each other's physical ,emotional or financial needs?

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Use the Gadgets more productive

Be Your Better version with amazing productive apps

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Tatparya, The Latent Meaning

What is Nature trying to convey or teach you?

Avatar of sri devi om