There is one thing that I have enjoyed since the onset of the pandemic. Watching Indian travel vlogs on YouTube. I think the beauty of India is underappreciated, not just by foreigners but by Indians as well. Its easy to find differences but one thing that most people can agree to is that we all enjoy time in nature. I haven’t met anyone who spent some time in the mountains or hills and said he was miserable, that human being is yet to be found. 

One of my favorite channel is Walking Wanderer. I have shared one of my favorite vlogs on Manali via Kullu here. Having spent some of my early childhood in Himachal, I may be a bit biased but it does seem that a lot of people enjoy visiting this state.

There is something magical about travel. You have a new lens through which you view this world, you create new refreshing experiences. When I was in boarding school in Dehradun, every semester we had mid term hike and I have really fond memories of trips to Chakrata, Uttarkashi, Mussoorie and many other places. It almost becomes impossible to think about the problems of life when in nature, close to mountains. I specially enjoyed visiting small villages & towns, being able to see their lifestyle, have some nice conversations with the locals and of course, enjoy the food. The othe vlog I really enjoyed is Himachal Wala – this particular one is about the vlogger’s home school & village, loved the simplicity. I  also like the fact that people in villages & small towns now have resources to share the beauty of their life and place, its no more confined to people who live in the Switzerlands of the world.

Travel took a back seat when I started my career and I have seen the same with most of my peers. Few years ago, I heard a entrepreneur talk about customizing your life – I’ve held on to that phrase since then. Customize my life – YES! This is another lesson I have learnt, so many things in life we say, sounds good, sounds interesting, sounds pretty cool etc. But its the ones that are YES! or more commonly used by teenagers & Gen Y – HELL YEAH! that really connects with us at a deeper level. With the future of work looking to embrace remote work, this is a blessing in disguise that hopefully allows us to get out of our shells and travel more. 

Really looking forward to travel post pandemic, if you have any favorite travel places, would love to hear from you.  

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