• Parents are like dogs and children are like cats 2

For some, the title might not sound appropriate.  This blog is written with good intentions and as a gratitude to parents. I am trying to give a new perspective on bondage between parents, children and grandchildren.


The 2 most popular pets raised at houses are dogs and cats. Some like to pet dogs and others cats. There are some who pets both dogs and cats. I always wondered how they have liking towards animals which have completely different kinds of attitudes. Dogs do so much work for us, they guard our home, protect our children and many more. Throw them an ordinary biscuit it will be loyal to you for a lifetime. Then what does a cat do? Even if you give them imported stuff, they will give you a terrible and lethargic look. They sleep in our couches and beds, they think we are their slaves 😂😂.

I cannot stop comparing this with the attitude of parents and children. Parents are like dogs. Imagine all that they do to us without expecting much. Children are like cats, well no need to elaborate on it 🙂

Parents are like dogs and children are like cats 3

No parent are perfect, they have their limitations. They have their favourite child, they have their share of attitudes. Of course, they are humans and we can keep listing their shortcomings. Even with all the shortcomings, we never will be able to repay them what they have given.

Time – Money – Love.

Time – Imagine the kind of time a parent spends with their children. Parents spent years together to teach a child basic things, to walk, to eat, to talk, to drive, to learn. Every activity needs patient teaching for years. Today do we have the patience to teach our parents to operate a smartphone? When a parent requests us to teach them we could hardly spend minutes. This of the same for all activities.

Money – I have all rights in my parent’s money, I demand them higher education, fancy dress, gadgets, automobiles, fancy restaurants and holidays. But does my father have the same rights over my money? Ironic isn’t it. They are the ones who gave me everything but I demanded everything but do I reciprocate in the same way? No.

Love – Most of us particularly when we reach adolescent age demand love from our parents. We want them to spend time with us shower us with love. We need them to be with us in all our tough times. But when they need do we give it? At least when they are old and nearing their death are we with them? A child hates to hear the words “busy and work”, but it is the same excuse they give when they grow up even during tough times for their parents.

I am not writing this blaming anyone. My grandparents took care of my dad, he took care of me and I am taking care of my child. Yes, we give back a little to parents and a lot to children. It is only natural.

I would like to share a small excerpt from the story of dharmavyadha.

Debt to god repaid by Yagna.

Debt to guru repaid by service and following their practices given.

Debt to parents repaid by having a family of our own. This is what we all have been doing. At the same time we should not forget that we never will be able to match and repay our parents in the time spend, wealth given and loved showered. If we have this in our mind we will be more compassionate and empathetic towards them.