A pass port size 2×2 inch and 51mm ×51mm photograph is required each time from gym membership, kids bus stop pick up card, driving licence, bank accounts opening ,insurance or share demat opening each and every time.It is a good reminder like annual health comprehensive lab test pack to seee increase on fine lines ,crows feet and hair whites on you ,aswell justification of money spent on the dietician and personal fitness coach! The other day visiting a photo studio for getting a Passport size photo needed for getting registered in housing society, the way the Photo grapher after focusing with a big lense camera with 2 black umbrelas around and a big spot light on my face aswell artificial white wall back ground on the back ,instructed me , don’t tilt your head, see towards little left, eyes not widely stretched ,see exactly in camera,don’t blink ,chinn up ,back bone irrect ,a smile on face but it should not be grin ,a kanjoos smile u see , properly combed hair not falling atall on forehead or ears it was no less than Swami ji s vedio on posture required in meditation ! So it took me 5 shots with photographer sometime fixing my head or asking me to smile less widely or open eyes softly or Keep errect, i also realised all types of itchings on nose ,forehead ,hair or chinn most happen either while meditating or getting pass port sized photograph session! Do u keep correct posture while being officially clicked? ( with mobile selfie feature and photo shop aswell pouting option i think to be clicked by someone professionaly for a black and white picture will soon become obsolete.)