As long as the mind is alive, it is bound to disorders and perversions. The mind is not new, it is millions and millions of years old.

It is only now that we have started gaining wisdom, but did you know the seeds that have been sown in your mind are old one.

It is important to understand that your physical body may be 20-30 or 40 years old but your mind is millions of years old. It has been in existence since the world has been in existence. It is not possible to rid the mind of impurities by just working on the mind’s surface alone . 

When the mind is dead, then what is left?

The death of your mind will give you a new lease of mind. That is not possible, not possible as long as The Mind exists.

It makes no difference whether you fill the mind with knowledge or allow it to remain ignorant . A so-called Knowledgeable person is as full of desire as an ignorant one. The amount of anger in an ignorant person is as much as in a person who attends Guru’s Satsang regularly. And those who attend Guru’s Satsang have another reason to be proud ; they consider themselves superior to others by virtue of attending Satsang ! They feel they know more than others, understand more than others. This is even worse than being ignorant! .

The root cause of all evil is the mind , so we will have to kill the inner mind, we must sing the prayer,” God ,  we Desire the death of the mind, we don’t seek knowledge , phone knowledge becomes and unnecessarily aid to adding of the  Pride. We set out to kill our pride but end up increasing it. We don’t want pride , but freedom from Pride. 

Who will dare to Parish one’s ego In the path of love , the one who will reach the ultimate. 

Do not consider the thoughts and Desire a powerful mind to be petty . The mind has a much greater depth then perceived by us as the superficial level .  

With great respect


Luv Sarpal