Akshay, can you pick up Peanut today at 3:00 PM?

A message from my friend flashed on my phone. I wanted to reply but I was not able to because I was still coming out of anaesthesia post-surgery. After a couple of hours when I felt better I called him up. My friend, let’s just call him Aj, informed me that he is leaving the country urgently and had to give Peanut to someone who could take care of her. Peanut a beautiful and loving Cocker Spaniel pup.

It so happened that I visited Aj’s place a couple of times and every time when I visited his place I spent the entire time playing with Peanut. He noticed my fondness and love for Peanut. How I met Aj is a story for some other time. So when Aj had to leave the country urgently due to family matters (or that’s what he told me), he asked me if I can adopt Peanut.

When I received Aj’s message I was at the hospital recovering from the surgery and I had planned to spend the next couple of days relaxing at the hospital on the pretext of the recovery. A message from Aj changed everything at once. I immediately asked to be released from the hospital. The hospital staff was not ready since I had gone through an appendectomy that very morning and it was only a couple of hours post that. I told them that I’m just going to walk out if they do not allow me to leave. Getting Peanut home became my utmost priority. They finally agreed after getting a consent form signed.

There was no time to relax as soon as we got home. My family went to Aj’s place to get Peanut. We all were equally excited and nervous because (a) It’s been a long time since we had a dog as a pet (I had a pet dog at my home when I was a kid) and (b) Peanut was already 3 months old. We were not sure if she will accept us or be comfortable at our place. AJ’s flat was pretty big with a separate bathroom for Peanut.

Peanut entered our home and into our hearts. She became comfy from the very moment she stepped into our home. As she grew, our lives started revolving around her. Watching her grow, watching her play and make a cute face with those big round eyes demanding treats were nothing but precious moments. Time just flew

We celebrated Peanut’s 4th birthday on 23rd November 2021. We had a new year’s dash with Peanut on new year’s eve. Everything was going in what I would say in a perfectly happy way.

And it happened on 8th Jan 2022. It was a Saturday morning and Peanut suddenly started vomiting. We thought it must be an indigestion issue since she was having digestion problems on and off. We waited for a day. The next day it became worse. We rushed her to the vet. Looking at Peanut’s condition vet decided to run a blood test. We were clueless & waiting impatiently for the output. After some 20-odd long minutes, which felt like an eternity, the vet explained to us that her kidneys are not functioning properly and shared a couple of possible reasons for it. None of them could be considered a possibility.

We started the treatment as recommended by the vet. There are no advanced treatments available for pets for kidney diseases as they are for humans. We continued giving her meds and taking her to the vet for fluid treatment. Peanut was never fond of any type of meds. She would refuse to eat the food if we mix anything the food. She would get upset and grind her teeth at us if we try to put meds in her mouth. But giving meds was a must so we kept on devising different ways to feed her with meds.

Treatment went on for 5 months without much change in the blood parameters. Her blood creatinine levels never settled. RBC counter kept on dwindling down even after the usage of injections was proven effective in cancer patient treatment. Peanut’s health started withering away slowly and steadily. We could feel her bones when earlier she was absolutely a squishy and fluffy teddy bear. She started giving up on her favorite foods. For a couple of days, she would eat something like biscuits in small portions and after that, she would totally stop eating that. We will then try to feed her with something else which she may take for a couple of days and stop again. This continued for a couple of weeks.  We started feeding her through a syringe. During one visit when the vet tried to extract the blood for testing, nothing but only plasma came out. The vet advised us immediately not to bring her for treatment anymore as she was beyond cure now.

He diagnosed her kidney failure as a genetic disorder.

Peanut became weak to stand and move around on her own. Our hearts felt wrenched looking at her in such a condition. Peanut, who was once a bundle of joy and energy was barely moving. On the 17th of May, Peanut breathed her last in my arms. My Peanut was gone. She left our world for a better place. A place where she wouldn’t have to go through all the pain she had to bear in the last five months

We often wonder why she came to us for such a short duration of 4 years. Was that because of some unfinished business from our past lives? Or was it because nature thought we would take care of her for her inevitable fate? Nobody would know. The more we think about it, the more we miss Peanut and intensely feel the grief & the void created by the Peanut leaving us halfway through the journey

We still have Peanut in our hearts; she will always be there. Playfully running around the home, adamantly asking for treats & foiling all our efforts to teach her some basic commands.


Peanut. ( 23rd November 2017 – 17th May 2022)

Jai Sri Hari