Our 30s and 50s are the important stages of our life. We do hard work in our 30s and increase our potential. In our 50s, we reap the benefit of our hard work and achieve it in the form of money, property, and wealth. These are the important life stages where many significant changes happen astrologically.

Saturn is the one planet that is the most significant for bringing changes and giving us lessons. There is a term called Saturn Return which means that Saturn returns to the same degree as it was at our birth time. This return happens once every 27 years, and when it happens, the individual goes through many changes to improve the soul.

If these changes will be easy or depressing depends on your karmic cycle and if you are involved in any toxicity. Saturn is a teacher, and it brings changes as per its inspection in your life. So during Saturn Return, many essential changes happen regarding the job, loved ones, marriage, home, etc.

So once it happens when you are around 27, then 53, and then in your 80s. You can use the online Saturn Return calculator to know the exact date. Saturn brings difficulties, but not without the silver lining. You just need to trust the process, and you will understand why certain changes happen in your life.

Here we will share the stories of a few people and how their Saturn Return made them rise and grow.

Reddit User Oscuroluna

Oscuroluna says, “ This was when I lost my job and had to struggle. This was a wake-up call for me during which I learned a lot about myself. I stopped being a people pleaser, and I learned humility. I also stopped judging people and started seeing them for what they are.

“I also learned that love is not for everyone and I started loving myself.”

Kaz, 45

This was not an easy phase for me as I had to leave my job. At the same time, I got divorced and had to live alone. However, I picked astrology as my subject of interest and started diving deeper into it.

I earned the knowledge, and I also developed some positive relationships. It was not my favorite moment, but later I realized that everything happens for a reason. Saturn took away all the things that were not useful and blessed me with new things to process and grow.

Reddit User Aries_Female

I have to say that Saturn Return was highly favorable to me. This was the time when I collected the fruit of my efforts. I met the love of my life, and at the same time, I also received my graduate degree. I also got married to the same person and lived a harmonious life. I have to say that Saturn rewards you well if you are on the right path.

Reddit User Xoxmdmxox

My husband left me at the age of 28, and he remarried just after two months of our divorce. I was broken mentally and financially, raising my children alone. After two years, I started going out and met an old friend who is now my life partner. These were the most challenging two years of my life, but they taught me many needed things. I thank Saturn Return that it happened and took out the toxicity away.

Lorenna, 32

I had my own apartment when I turned 28. I also started my freelance project full-time. This was also when I let go of an ex and reconnected with someone I met in the summer. I was living a fantastic life, and it felt that everything was in control.

Then I went on a ski trip with my boyfriend and his family where I broke my elbow. Since the doctor was near my boyfriend’s place, I started living with him for a few days. The scene changed again, and my apartment got fire, and it smelled like BBQ sauce. I packed my bags with my one arm working and got out of there.

A week later, I moved into my boyfriend’s place in East Village. There, I saw a shaman who told me about Saturn Return, and I was surprised. It was an incident years ago, and today I live with my fiancé, who was my boyfriend in the East Village. Now I can see why everything happened, but I had to pay the price.

Reddit User Captainbkfire82

At 27, I quit my Government job and shifted with only $3,000. When I got 28, my first relationship started. It was my first kiss and a series of firsts. At 31, I want under treatment for endometriosis. The same year I got engaged, and after two years, I got married to the same person. Since then, I have been having a great time, and we also moved to Chicago from Atlanta. It was a great shift from 27 to 33, I must say.


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