You are so perfect in every way
that the universe must have birthed You
after the longest deliberation
for how can such
perfection arise in a few million years
…your conduct is beyond compare

Each day I find new depths
to the deep wisdom
that emanates like the morning rays
of the Sun
from your very still and silent form
most day though You’ll have me believe
things are just as they seem
but around You
nothing is ever normal
is it
for extraordinaire is your middle name
perfection being the first

O Holy one
calmer than the calm
that your Vigraha radiates
how wholeheartedly You’ve embraced
this birth
the old ones tossed out
as if small change from a man’s purse

O beautiful Lord
in the many greatnesses
that live in You
your gentleness I find
the most beautiful
it changes lives…
all the sorrow and hurt
searing sands of bitter resentment
Your kindness sculpts into
figurines of love

In your perfection
the world is born anew
wherever You go
there is spring
not another season
oh what blessed times we live in
to have found the dust of your feet
You are perfection
in every sense
why admiring You is liberation in itself.

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