Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, and similar other technological platforms have given us the advantage of consuming more content of our choice. If you watch any video/movies on youtube, it will start showing you other videos of similar interests. By sending notifications/alerts of recently uploaded videos to enchant your senses more, it creates almost a world around you. And you may agree or disagree on this point with me but it affects our thinking to a greater extent. We start believing this is the entire world, while the reality is something different. Yes, It gets things personalized for you which is good in one sense but then you hardly get time to come across the contents of different opinions.

While the scenario is different in the case of books because there is no personalization. Yes, there are genres too, but no one writes a customized book for you. You reject or accept is a different thing but at least you get a chance to know the author’s views on a subject. Sometimes it helps in correcting your views or may challenge your thoughts or often it helps you to go thru different opinions, not like OTT’s personalized things which only keep you in your enclosed world by reaffirming your likings.

Photo by CardMapr on Unsplash