Plz accept my charansparsh to the divine feet of my Swamiji my Shri Hari🙏🏻. 

My huge respect, love to honourable Swamiji……infinite love to you Swamiji.

While i was reading today’s post it was like we’re face to face, Swamiji is like physically here. I felt this many times while reading posts, listening discourses. And while i was in ashram n met physically i was like in other world with Swamiji. I was immersed. What a feeling was!!!!

This feelings, words are never ending.🤗 so jumping to the my today’s topic.

Why people don’t want to disclose their personal journey specially spiritually?

as my point of view, as my experience:

       1.   My thinking was: If God is existing, God is there then why we need to pray any human being. Why we need to go any sadhus? 

For wisdom, if we are pure if in under grace of divine then wisdom will automatically come alive. We don’t need to follow any human being.

        2.    Our Upbringing : if we are not from      spiritual family background, we have seen that our surrounding people often saying that even family members saying that never go deep in any sadhus. They are black magician. He will give you something to eat and you will find only him everywhere. And bitterly this types of truth also.

•In Gujarat, Girnar-A holy mountain, which is place of Sadhu-Mahatma. i was in Junagadh for a 2 years. Many times i visited n found Sadhus are like monsters. Where We should feel peace instead we feel scary. They have so much to say I’m Sidhdhaa, i can do whatever i want, u want, etc…n there are many followers also but there is no glow on face, no peace on face. 
i don’t mean to criticise not judging it’s their own path but I’m just opening this world also existing. N so that most of people saying that never go to any Gurus they are only to grab.

        3.    Educated mindset: Yahhhh, i often heard; “padhe likhe ho ke sadhu ke chakkr me pde ho.” There are about 500+ parents in my contact. When i upload any short videos of our beloved Swamiji, i found at least 10 comments , more chitterchat like

*mam, you are educated and you are following Guru😳.

*you are ladies don’t go to any Guru.

*recently,  you are single lady single mother be aware don’t go to any Guru now. He will manipulate you.🤣

*and back behind may be many more….but you know I don’t care bcz There is a divine soul to care of me. My Swamiji, my Shri Hari. but they will never understand till divine bless them.

        4.   Fear to being judged: bcz of above thinking of our society we feel being judged by them. From our daily chores about 50% we do for praise. For praise sometimes we did wrong for us but we need praise. We want to pleased everyone except ourself. We don’t want to hear negative for ourselves. Society is mattering for us more then our existing. We scared to judged negatively.

conclude: because of all these types of reason we don’t want to disclose our spirituality. We don’t  know when we found a big scam of Guru might we follow. (As many times it happened in past even happening also) but “hr ek sikke ke do pehlu hote hai.” This quote applies to all kind of entity which is existing in this world. Same here, if there are fake Gurus then there are real gurus also exist. As for build a house we need to clear a base first, to alive a real guru in our life we need to clean ourselves first by remove impurities of our thoughts n our karmas. 
“man, karm aur vachan shudhdh ho jao. Universe apna kam kr legi.” 
like it did happen for me, for many from all of you.

But question is How my thoughts changed? When my belief changed? 

Jai Shree Hari,