It the time when we are in 2050 ,there is a small village In India, there is a school till 12th standard, a scientist had a visit to the school and went to the lab and started observations students were doing experiments of chemistry ,some of them were busy in making cellphone ,some of them were busy in making robots,a little moment afterwards a boy entered to the lab and with his cellphone and he didn’t check if scientist was there he said guys guys!! today I found something very interesting ,You don’t need to charge your phone with charger I can charge it just by touching the screen!! Everyone was surprised how is that possible because you need electric current to charge your phone, the boy said I discovered that your body cells generates electric current and that can be utilized to charge your phone,the scientist was listening everything carefully and was wondering,what if it  is really possible he called the boy and asked him to charge his phone ,the boy touched the screen and phone was charged ,but the boy was only one who knew this method so it was a problem if he has to charge everyone’s phone but the scientist was a nice person he said the boy that he wants to do some experiments on his body cells that how exactly it works after two years hard work the scientist and the boy discovered the method for everyone since 2052 everyone is charging their phone just by a single click.