How many of you have wished and wondered, if only you had someone to guide or teach you and show you the path to pick the right stock so that you can ace it and make money from the stock market?

Well, if stock market is something that intrigues and interest you , I have a good news for you. Actually, a great news ; I am pleased and happy to share with you the panacea to make money through the stock market, not quite a panacea but eventually way more than that and if you follow it diligently; it can act as a guide towards your winning spree in the stock market. If you have read Swamiji’s memoir, you must be aware of the fact that he was actively involved in the stock market before moving to Australia. Through this post, I am sharing with you; Om Swamiji’s way of picking stocks from the prospect of a retail investor .

In one of the Swaminar’s Q/A in 2018 , I asked Swamiji to recommend me some books that can be useful and helpful in analyzing valuations of companies. The verbatim of Swamiji’s response is as follows:

“I don’t recall any books because it was almost 25 years ago. But, always go with the fundamentals of the company and not emotional sentiments of the market. P/E, debt to equity, debt-to assets ratios are useful. Contrarian approach works well in the longer run with some short-term spurt gains if you are playing with volatility.

If a company has strong earnings (and track record), debt is manageable , check for unsecured loans, it pays off in the longer term . My personal view is that for a retail investor, if you really want to make money in stocks ,always go for medium-to -long term investment. Speculation carries great risk and is only for the ultra-disciplined investors who are calculating return on the entire portfolio and not on individual shares.”

I truly believe that if you are able to be patient and persistent and do some research work on your own and are able to ignore the noise (which is most of the times a lot)  in the market , Swamiji’s response can be highly insightful and can eventually lead to increasing your odds of being successful in the stock market .

Thank you 😊.

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