Father is the most precious thing,     So much confidence does his presence brings.        Courage and Character does he teach , Virtues and value he may preach. A pillar of strength a wall to lean , How secured one feels with his hand on head in Teens. Thank you Pitashri for giving us a part of your heart ,without who s grace our journey of calmness won’t start!    Now for Swamiji….Swamiji each os.me member almost cried reading your post. Swamiji you are an epitome of kindness, compassion and love.You were going through so much Physical strain for all of us.Swamiji we all know you always keep promises, commitments and sincerity in each work you do .But Swamiji each of us s heart terribly got torn knowing when during all these 4 months we still kept troubling you with our trivial desires to come in our dreams,make us feel your presence, give us some signs that you hear us.We had personal meetings, discourses and your Darshan at ashram, zoom meetings ,your regular bi monthly blogs Sorry for being so greedy and insensitive Swamiji. Pitashree is definitely at a better and calmer place in your heart, free from all physical  discomfort and your holding his hand at the time of crossing to other world gives all of us the confidence that our desire to chant your name ,see your face and have your thought at last breath will be fulfilled tooSwamiji we have no status too but still I do the audacity to say….Swamiji take care ,we love you and lots of Charran Vandans to you Our Dear Father.