You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you need to breathe, calm down, look around, and improvise. Creativity is the key to life. Paulo Coelho.

I haven’t written anything in quite some time. Just like I ran into a wall and couldn’t think of anything, but then what happened and what happened for good. And today I thought that it is ok that I have not been able to write or post anything for the last 4 months, but now is the time to start once again, with small steps at a time and small posts to start with.

And, surprise, the quote of the day said the same thing: it’s not always what we want and how we live our lives, because the divine has higher plans for us that aren’t always in line with ours.

So, what is Divine’s strategy for us?

What we need or

What we deserve


The answer can be true in both cases, because sometimes it is a need that is to be met when we need it, and most of the time it is our karma that plays a role. Divine is important because it returns what we have sown, and the fruits of the seeds are not always sweet.

Sometimes patience can be the key, but sometimes actions are required. These actions require an hour, which brings us to the quote, “a stitch in time saves nine.”

Thus, when someone says “take it easy and breathe,” they mean that you should just try to have a clean head and take time to analyse and plan so that every action that you take is always a step ahead.


So, action mode on, and let’s see how long this patience can take all of us.