Jay Maa Rakshakali 🙏🌼

Unspeakably O Mother , all my self-contradictions, affliction and stain of doubts are surrendered to Thy  Peerless Petals of Hibiscus, 

Because Maa  ThySelf  is  YamaKaali

O Maa,  ThySelf is  Samharkali ! that sunders afflictions, Pain , Bondage from external norms and cuts the knots of this “Birth-Rebirth”, 

Because  Maa Thyself is  also  MokhsyaDayni

O Maa, THEE   cause the annihilation of all neutrality , all dispassions  and Thyself Grant  प्रमातृ Pramātṛ  ,

Because Maa , Thyself is Mrtyukaali

Jay Maa🙏🌸

Maa Thyself is Rudrakali, THEE only Eventuate   from Rudra, Annihilate Dakshya! 

Because O Maa , Thyself is also Daksha-Yajna-Vinashini


O Maa!  Thyself is Martandakali, in thy  Lotus feet, all Jnana Karma Indriyas , Chittas, Manas and Egos merge and sprout  timelessly!


Thyself only  Rejuvenates  as Nitya Suddha, here and beyond and Thyself only  Resonates as Nitya Buddha here and hereafter , Maa Nityabudda!

Jay Maa 🙏🌸 Narayani

Maa THEE is Paramarka Kali! Kalanalarudra Kali! 

           Mahakala Kali! Mahabhairava Chandogra Ghora Kaali! 

My Anant Koti Pranaam, Maa!  thy Lotus Feet.   Please forgive me  of my Ignorance , my child-like tendencies to pen , my insincere attempt to scribble THAT  which is beyond Space, Time and Causation.

My Reverence to Sage Abhinavgupta.

अहमात्मा गुडाकेश सर्वभूताशयस्थित: 
अहमादिश्च मध्यं च भूतानामन्त एव च

aham atma gudakesha sarva-bhutashaya-sthitah
aham adish cha madhyam cha bhutanam anta eva cha

Bhagwat Gita Ch 10, V.20. O Arjun, I am manifested  in the heart of all entities. I am the beginning, middle, and end of all beings. Here Arjun is addressed as ” Gudaakesha” the Awakened one , who has awakened from Sleep. 

O Maa! Nityabuddha ! Maa Jagatjanani 🙏🌸, 

Please Awaken the Reeling Humanity Maa ! Please Awaken all, Awaken the Entire Cosmos with  thy Radiance, Thy Eternity! Thy Truth! 

Because thyself is also NityaSuddha!

O Maa Jagadamba 🙏! Thyself is the voice of Mute , 

THEE is the Sight of a Blind

THEE  supports an Amputee’s back

THEE is Annapurna!

THEE is SODASI Tripura Sundari Maa! 🙏🌸

Thy Voice Can hear a Deaf

Thy Lotus Feet Can feel even A Lame ,


With Thy Blessings The  Lame Can traverse Rough Mountain, An ordinary Person turns Kaali Das!

Because MAA thyself is RakshaKaali

Narayani 🙏🌸 Maa🌸

Jay Maa  🙏🌸🌼

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