Positive Action is Better Than Taking Stress

A week back my maternal uncle- Mama was hospitalized with covid. Two days later, I got a SOS call from my cousin that mama is critical. There was no ventilator available in the current hospital. The doctors had sounded him out to look for another hospital with an ICU bed with ventilator as his oxygen saturation was very low. (45-55%).

My heart missed a beat for a second. Mama had spent two-months last year in hospital with acute viral pneumonia. His lungs were weak. I started getting tensed. My mind and heart started clouding with thoughts and emotions- What if he does not pull through?…….Oh! He is only 60. He has a young daughter………………………………………………

My chest felt very heavy. Then, I sat still for a minute. Swamiji’s writing flashed in my mind- “The only antidote to stress is action”.

I immediately informed about mama’s condition to my husband. I offered prayers to all our revered Gurus. My husband started contacting all the sources he could think of. Looking at the developments my 10 yr-old-son also pitched in. He opened a laptop and started giving us inputs on hospitals. I was touched seeing my little one acting so maturely. I decided to fill myself with positivity and put in my best effort.

All the hospitals that we contacted told us that they were full. It was only then we realized that the situation in Bangalore is not very good. The medical infrastructure was overloaded.

We registered in Government portals and helpline numbers. My cousins based across the globe also started mobilizing their contacts. The whole day morning 11.00 am to 7.00 pm I literally never left my seat. I kept calling people, putting SOS messages in different groups. My brother kept us motivated by telling us to act on any small input we get saying that we never know where God will send us help from.  I spoke to people and friends who I had probably not spoken to in the last 10 years. Unknown people whose references I got from different sources started texting me with contacts/hospital names. The support and responses we got from all quarters was overwhelming.  At last, in the evening, we finally secured an ICU bed with ventilator. It was the blessings of our Gurus, prayers and the positive action from all involved that helped.

So, in this covid scenario let us all strive to be positive and instead of getting stressed out get involved in positive action.



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