My pranam  and prayers to Guruji Om Swami!

Today on Black Lotus, I received a “thought of the day” saying something like this: “Being in Positive state of mind all the time is not possible, what you do think?”

There was no place/space I could let them know about my input so here it is in my 1st blog:

Per my understanding and my way of living teaches me that for living beings, being in a positive state of mind is wonderful. It provokes happy feelings. But it is just a state of mind which last for either few sec. or perhaps few min or even few hours or days.

Being in a positive state of mind is just a feeling, which comes from your thoughts. As Guru Om Swami has said it again and again (in his videos and books) that thoughts are empty, it is us who gives them value or discard them per our interest.

I don’t prefer carry either positive or negative thoughts or I must say at least I try consciously not to carry them or let them affect me. I don’t give them power to control my state of mind. If my ultimate goal is to be with divine, then what is the need for me to get stuck with empty thoughts of Negative or positive? Again, if thoughts are empty then ultimately, I am the one who is giving those particular thoughts either positive or negative status. If I am the one who is creating these emotions or state of mind from that empty thought then I am the one who has power to either control or let it go. It is best interest of me to just convert that particular thought in to compassion then I don’ have to worry about it leaving my state of mind.

If the negative actions from other person or surrounding situations are accruing, I have a choice to either accept it and be negative or just watch it, as I am watching a movie on the screen and not let it affect my state of mind, just let it go. If it is hard for me to let it go, then I will just convert them in to compassion and let them merge in my content state of mind.

I think there is not positive or negative state of mind. It is what we create and play with it to just assure oneself that I do exist, just a validation of one’s existence.  I have feelings, I matter. Give me importance! This is what we have learned since we came to this world. As long as one can understand this, it is easy to let it go and be align with the divine state of mind.

Please feel free to correct me or share your thoughts. I am just a humble student, who is following guru Om Swami with complete devotion and trust, as he is the form of ultimate truth for me.

With all my love,