I invoke Goddess Kamatchi, and my Gurus Sri Satya Sai Baba and Om Swami to guide me through this presentation. My humble Pranaams to everyone reading this post or watching its video (here). In this write-up/talk, I would like to share my thoughts about remaining positive in all circumstances. All the points mentioned here are my learnings from the lectures of wise people, mahans, and siddhars, whom I consider as walking Gods.

Our Universe responds to the collective thought vibrations of all beings. Both, in our life and universally, events happen based on the intensity of these collective vibrations. Mother Nature has set some operating principles for this Universe. When conditions deviate beyond control, then Nature interferes and introduces many corrective measures. Those corrective measures include earthquakes, pandemics, and other natural calamities. Lord Krishna declared this as, “I am in all beings, but things happen as per my Sankalpa!”

Many aspects of this universe work on the principle of duality. For example, day and night, Shukla-Paksham and Krishna-PakshamUttarayanam and Dakshnayam, and so on. Life is like the two sides of a coin. Out of these, in some dualities, we have a choice. Those include right-wrong, happiness-sadness, and positivity-negativity. Yes, positivity is our choice! How?

In every situation, positivity means training our minds to focus on the bright side of life. It doesn’t mean that everything will always be perfect! It means that, even when nothing is right, we choose to identify the good things hidden in those difficulties. By doing so, we can remain happy and in a worry-free state of mind.

Making this choice may not be easy at first, but with a little training, it becomes natural. A positive person does constructive things in life and lives as an inspiration. They experience feelings of courage and a sense of self-esteem. The mind of such a person chooses to think: I-can, and It-is-possible!

Remembering a few pointers can keep us positive:

  • Don’t take everything personally.
  • Try to enjoy the present moment.
  • Try not to worry about the future.
  • Try not to brood about the past.
  • Focus on performing the actions, instead of worrying.

Most human beings wish to do the right Karma and remain happy. Sadly, our insecurities cause us to do Karma that is detrimental to ourselves and everyone around us. We often hear negative stories and negative news. TV, newspapers, and the internet is full of such negativity. For some reason, negative information finds its way quickly into our minds. So, negativity is what sells!

Negative thoughts and emotions are contagious. Negative news awakens feelings of anger, fear, and other powerful emotions. If we let these seep into our conscious and subconscious minds, we’re allowing negativity to rule us. These emotions will have a snowball effect on ourselves and our loved ones. Positivity is to identify that people are good, but their tendencies may not be.

Especially people seeking enlightenment, should not get involved in any arguments with negative discussions. For example, we tend to argue with an atheist to prove there is God. Nothing is going to come out of it, except that we will get disturbed. In some ways, this is the working of Maya, the illusion of Nature.

Lord Murugan has a peacock as his vehicle. The peacock is so beautiful with multi-colors, and human beings get attracted to it. Like the peacock, the material world around us is colorful, and we get attracted to it. The scriptures define that as Maya. Lord Murugan sits on the peacock and controls it. He doesn’t allow the peacock to take charge! Lord Murugan’s six faces indicate coming out of six major kinds of negativities. They are:

  • Kaama, detrimental desires
  • Krodha, anger
  • Lobha, greed
  • Moha, attachment
  • Mada, ego
  • Matsarya, jealousy

We can see such kinds of symbolism in all Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism. Also, repeatedly someone or the other does penance. They obtain boons and then use them to destroy society! Finally, some avatar comes and ends their life. That is how negativity works. At first, it comes as a boon to our minds and makes us feel empowered. Then slowly, it takes over our minds. Finally, some adverse situation jolts us out of it!

Even in the present situation of Covid-19, we can use the time to contemplate our wrong-doings. We all complained about having to go to work. We all said that we don’t wish to work, and wanted to remain at home. Here, Nature has fulfilled our collective wish! It has responded to our negativity. Do we feel good about it? We’re stuck at home, many have lost their jobs and even their lives. We can learn from our mistakes. Instead of complaining about our unfortunate situation, we can try to improve ourselves and our circumstances.

Let us all try to think positive! There are umpteen ways to get to that state of mind like meditation, yoga, chanting mantras, etc. Om Swami Ji and many other saints teach these techniques in their various workshops. Spending a few minutes on these activities can change our thought process, calm us down, and help us live peacefully.

Please check out my audio version of this post by clicking here. I hope you like and benefit from my attempt at giving speeches!

Om Kanchi Kamakshi Namo Namaha!

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