A year back, I had indulged in some watercolours, to which I ended up adding words. They are just musings of a traveller on a journey of the Self. Sometimes a conversation with myself and sometimes it’s like talking to the nameless fellow travellers who I may never meet, but was travel nevertheless. So here they are. This is part 1, will follow it up with a final part 2.
the journey has to start somewhere. Sometimes, it’s inevitable, there is no escape.
the sooner the better
in fact now is a good time
but where do we start? And where are we going?
to find your ‘self’ says a voice.
no google maps will help you. But you will know. How long will it take? Maybe a few lifetimes, maybe in the next moment. But will never know if we don’t start.
no expensive ticket needed. All you need is silence.
you will have to leave behind the comfort of everything you know.
once you start there is no turning back. One way ticket.
but it will be one hell of a ride an incredible journey. Not for the weak hearted.