Today, I was eating Paratha and drinking Pepsi in a restaurant with my friend.

There was only we two person in the restaurant at that time. 

One uncle passing by from that road, saw us drinking pepsi. 

He then entered into the Restaurant and requested for cold drink. 

At first I didn’t realize he was asking cold drink from me, I thought he’s buying from the restaurant. 

But when he again said, 

“Beta, Bas thodi si cold drink dedo, bhut man kar rha ha”

I realized he was asking to us. 

He even had his glass, he came to us with glass, and again requested to pour some cold drink in his glass. 

Although the restaurant honour was asking him to get out, I poured cold drink in his glass. 

When it was only half glass, he said, 

“Bas, bas beta! Itni hi kafi ha”

And drank that cold drink very happily. 

I was completely in tears after seeing this.

It’s very sad to see how and why some people are so poor that they could not fulfill their even tiny wishes. 

And I feel so guilty that what I did right so that I’m not in his position and what he did wrong, that he’s not in my position. 

How can I enjoy eating in a restaurant when a person in front of me is struggling to just taste cold drink. 

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