Become so powerful,

That you start to observe not see
That you start to act not think
That you start to speak not stare
That you start to give not seek
That you start to work not rest
That you start to support not report
That you start to care not pretend
That you start to notice not repent…

In these times where everything that needs to be normal and right are on people’s watsapp status not in their life, everything that needs to be private has gone public,everything that needs to looked into are looked on, everything that needs to be enjoyed are criticised,

Everything that’s not right are taken over the right,everything that’s not worth are glorified, everything that’s true are neglected,everything that’s easy are made right,everything that’s right are easily made wrong.everything that’s not seen are said doesn’t exist,everything thats felt is just an illusion….


Become so powerful,
That you start to love not lie
And no matter what,
That you live and not leave.

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