There are 4 powers of Lord , which are working continuously. Three of them are famous to all :-
1. Power of Birth (जन्म)
2. Power of Rearing (पालन)
3. Power of Destruction (संहार)
Fourth power of Lord is Grace (कृपाशक्ति), which is working continuously so that human knows it’s true nature/state/bliss etc.

One can query how in 3rd power i.e. will be in Power of Destruction lies grace of god.

For that kindly think for a second, if it does not exist and if there will be no death on Earth from the time being eternal, how will it results into a imbalance and ultimately a very tough situation in earth. So we can say in the power of destruction also lies God’s Grace.

God’s Grace unfold in our life in many Ways. Whole Gita is recited by Lord Krishna due to Grace only. Gita is heared be Arjuna only once, where as we can read and recite it as many times as we can. This is not Grace then what.

P.S. :- That’s all 😁