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What is prana shakti? It is defined as the vital force, the vital energy. In your body there are approximately fifty to seventy trillion cells, depending on the age and size of the body. Each cell in your body produces 0.4 volt of electrical energy. Multiply that by fifty trillion, how many kilowatts of energy is that? That is prana shakti.

You have no control over this energy. You cannot generate it. It is a natural process. You cannot stop it. It will stop naturally. As long as the cells are alive, the pranas are being generated in the cells. The negative ions in the atmosphere are the conductors of prana while the positive ions are depleted of prana.

The electrically-charged particle known as negative ion is taken in the body to bring the condition of vitality, lightness, dynamism and movement. Pranayama, although it begins with the breath, sensitizes you to prana shakti. Ultimately it works at the cellular level.

At first, it works at the level of respiration, then you bypass the respiratory level with kumbhaka, retention. The more you retain the breath, the more access you have to the dimension of prana. You have to train yourself to gradually enhance the retention to reach the pranic level.

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When you start with your breathing practice, you are working at the level of the lungs, and that is known as pranayama, regulating the flow of prana, regulating the flow of breath. As you are able to regulate the flow of breath, you move into prana-ayama, expansion of the pranic experience.

In the third stage, you move into pranotthana, awakening of the pranas. In the fourth stage, you move into prana pratyahara, withdrawal of prana, which is possibly the most detailed group of practices, and in the fifth stage into prana vidya, knowledge of prana.

This is the sequence you have to go through, along with the practice of mudras and bandhas. Thereafter you explore pratyahara and dharana.

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